I was hopeful that Eric could revamp my resume, but I was legitimately astonished by how he created an improved structure and a much more impressive narrative of my professional experiences. I did not realize how generic my resume was until I saw his updates, which presented me in an accurate and unique light! It's challenging for me to see the bird's-eye view of my own work, and having his perspective was both enlightening and a pleasant boost for my professional confidence. I found it especially helpful that he highlighted relevant skills which I mistakenly assumed were universal. His ability to synthesize information is incredible, and on top of that, he managed to further tailor it to my career interests. As if I was not already grateful for his expertise, he also provided me with helpful resources and then guided me through them. At multiple points during our consultation, I found my jaw had dropped or I was smiling out of joy and amazement. His consultation went above and beyond my expectations! 

- Patricia C.

I have gone through so many iterations of my professional materials -- friends, co-workers, professors, and career advisers have all lent me their kindness and expertise over the years -- but Eric's was unprecedented. It was the first time that I have received truly unique, personalized career advice, considering my *very* non-traditional background. 

Eric managed to bring to life a whole new version of my professional story. Before reaching out to Eric, I thought that my materials were in a good shape: my resume bullets were in STAR format, and my cover letter was written in a results-oriented fashion. However, my entire career story and pitch lacked a clear and targeted direction. Even though I theoretically had all of my relevant experience laid out in a way that is standard to my industry, it was still all over the place -- and I could only see this after Eric's intervention. 

Eric revamped all of my materials (resume, cover letter, personal narrative) and transformed them completely -- making them ready and competitive for the specific industry I have been trying to get into. What was most impressive to me is that Eric gave me a complete and personalized strategy for job searching, networking, and re-branding. Eric highlighted my strengths, skills, and gave me a list of employers and positions to consider (in my target industry) as well as keywords to leverage when looking for jobs. 

I highly recommend Eric, particularly for those who are pivoting careers or come from non-traditional backgrounds. Eric is one of the few—if not the only— who has been able to make sense of this complex career-building and pivoting process, and distill it into concrete, personalized advice. I could not be more grateful for Eric's talent and expertise.

- Giovana M.

I strongly recommend Eric Adjakwah's resume writing and job search strategy service for anyone actively looking for employment, and I especially recommend this service for mid-career professionals looking to revamp their resume or those who might be looking to shift their career track. When I first reached out to Eric, I was expecting to just get some feedback on my resume and walk away with a new resume and cover letter template; however, what I got was much more.

Eric took the time to walk me through the changes he made and provided me with multiple options for different jobs I was interested in. What really stood out to me is that Eric shared additional resources for applying for jobs, interviewing, and updating/maintaining my resume going forward. Not only did I get a new resume, but I also received the necessary skills for elevating my career going forward. I can't thank Eric enough for this service.

- Varsha W.

My experience was extremely transformative and informative. Eric was able to update my resume in a way that made me more confident in my experiences and allowed me to better represent all my accomplishments. I am also grateful for the one-on-one review session, as it enabled me to see how everything came together. Through that session, Eric provided further guidance, resources, and encouragement on how to move forward with resume and cover letter writing, and also how to conduct a better and more strategic job search. All in all, I am very grateful for the time and care Eric put into assisting me in this process.

- Lola M.

Eric was very helpful and informative. He explained the importance of building a great resume and spent time reviewing the job search process with me. He was very knowledgeable about different tools and strategies, which I will continue to use. Lastly, Eric's resume service has made me more marketable and confident in job searching. Since updating my resume, I have been on various interviews in my field and have had access to employers that I would like to work for.

- MyKailah T.

Since utilizing the resume writing and job search strategy service, I have experienced a significant increase in interviews and callbacks from potential employers. I am incredibly grateful for his assistance and would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking to enhance their job search efforts.

- Rachel B.