List of Services

At Career Advantage Consulting, the belief is that each career journey represents a unique masterpiece, with the mission being to showcase the true potential of every individual. A focus on crafting bespoke solutions tailored to meet specific needs, preferences, and goals. Leveraging keen attention to detail and top-tier industry resources, a comprehensive suite of services is offered, designed to elevate job searching and secure professional success.

Package 1 - Confidence Boost: Resume Writing & Job Search Strategy ($350)

Package 2 - Success Accelerator: Resume, Job Search & Cover Letter ($450)

Package 3 - Done For You: Resume, Job Search, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn ($550)

Add-on - Interview Resource Package ($150)

Continued Support Service - Contact For Pricing

Tailored Resume & Personalized Job Search Strategies

Elevate your career with our comprehensive suite of services. Not only will you receive unparalleled resume-writing services, but you'll also benefit from personalized strategies to optimize your job search. Transform your resumes into powerful career tools, showcasing your unique skills, experience, and accomplishments. But don't stop there; with our job search strategy, navigate the job market with confidence, targeting opportunities that align with your aspirations. Unlock your full potential and embark on fulfilling career journey today!

Cover Letter Writing

The cover letter writing service is designed to elevate job searches to new heights. Specialized in crafting compelling, tailor-made cover letters that showcase unique strengths, experiences, and aspirations. Unlock the power of a professionally written cover letter that opens doors to new opportunities and advance career prospects.

LinkedIn Review & Update

Transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful networking and career development tool. A comprehensive review of your LinkedIn profile, pinpointing areas of improvement and updating crucial elements to enhance visibility, engagement, and professional appeal.

This service includes optimization of your headline and summary sections, ensuring they effectively communicate your unique value proposition and align with your career goals. I also advise on how to showcase your skills, endorsements, and recommendations, making your profile a compelling showcase of your professional journey.

With the LinkedIn Review & Update service, you'll have the confidence, tools, and professional appeal to effectively engage with your industry, expand your network, and seize new career opportunities.

Interview Resource Package

The Interview Resources Package is meticulously crafted to equip you with specific tools and resources that will not only prepare you for the interview but position you several steps ahead of the competition. Derived from an in-depth understanding of various industries and job roles, this package is the key to unlocking a successful interview experience.

Here’s what the Interview Resources Package brings:

Resourceful Guides: Delve into a wealth of resources that provide insights into the industry you are venturing into. Our guides are designed to give you a well-rounded understanding, preparing you for intelligent discussions with your potential employers. Familiarize yourself with the tools that are crucial to your job interview, demonstrating a practical understanding during your interview.

Customized Interview Questions: Get a comprehensive list of potential interview questions curated based on the industry and the specific job description you are targeting. Practice with these questions to build confidence and formulate compelling responses that resonate with the interviewers.

Continued Support Service

Continue Support Service, is a comprehensive, personalized service. Offers ongoing resume and cover letter assistance, a tailored job search strategy, regular progress check-ins, interview coaching, and unlimited support throughout your job search journey until you secure a position. With Continued Support Service, you'll have the confidence, tools, and guidance needed to stand out from the competition and achieve success in today's competitive job market.